• Market Research Organization
MRO has a team of 15 research professionals with an experience of over 20 years who have conducted hundreds of quantitative and qualitative surveys by applying various methodologies from probability sampling to quota sampling with a national coverage of the population and sample sizes of up to 10,000 interviews. MRO executives have a vast experience in conducting focus groups, mini groups, paired depth sessions, individual depth interviews and observational studies with large numbers of sessions. Our main offices are equipped with audio and video recording devices in addition to client observation facilities.

MRO has also a pool of over 200 part time field staff including field managers, supervisors and interviewers who have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in conducting face-to-face interviews (PAPI and CAPI using laptops and tablets), telephone interviews, in-home observational visits, and central location tests. We also have a network of over 150 part-time recruiters, editors, coders and data entry personnel.

All MRO’s data processing and analysis are carried out in our main offices. Around 50% of the entered data is usually re-entered for validation. On the field level, around 25% of successful interviews are usually back-checked by the field supervisors and a further 25% by telephone by the project executives.

We have experience in carrying out different types of research surveys such as usage & attitude studies, product testing, concept testing, pre and post advertising testing, customer satisfaction and mystery shopping. On a syndicated level, MRO has conducted numerous omnibus surveys, household panels, and opinion polling and tracker surveys.

From the pioneering days of the 1970’s when market research was virtually unknown in the region, we have developed and adapted practical and sound research techniques to meet the social and cultural requirements of the region, always ensuring that the client was provided with reliable and actionable results. Over those years, MRO has gone from strength to strength and is today relied upon by many of the world’s leading corporations and organizations, as well as leading regional companies, to guide their activities in the Arab world. MRO subscribes to the Codes of Conduct prescribed by the Market Research Society of the United Kingdom and by ESOMAR (the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research).

Quantitative research

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Qualitative research

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Syndicated Research

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