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About Us

The Market Research Organization (MRO) is an independent marketing research agency, privately owned by its Founder Michel Farsoun.

MRO has two main offices in Jordan and Lebanon and has been operating for over 45 years, during which it has carried out hundreds of surveys, qualitative and quantitative, covering consumer marketing, trade and media research.

MRO has worked with well-reputed multi-national organizations. It has also conducted numerous studies for many NGOs, government institutions and non-profit organizations. It has been involved in fields related to social marketing, family planning, youth, population displacement, media, water and the environment.

MRO develops and adapts practical and sound research techniques to meet the changing social and cultural requirements of the region.

MRO has established a reputation for accurate, reliable, primary data amongst local and international partners and clients.


MRO’s work is governed by the Code of Conduct prescribed by the Market Research Society of the United Kingdom, and by ESOMAR (the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research).

MRO believes that ethical conduct in research and evidence generation is imperative. It is necessary both in its own right and as a means of ensuring quality and accountability in the evidence generation process. Our focus is that we take measures to ensure that the participants are respected and protected throughout the research process.


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MRO is trained in social science methods and specialized methodology techniques both through academic programs and real-world work experience on hundreds of surveys conducted and analyzed for clients. MRO’s experience provides clients with quality data collection and key insight. MRO aims to help clients by making recommendations supported through quality data collection techniques.

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Quantitative Research

MRO’s expertise is in the process of collecting and analyzing numerical data using structured research instruments.
MRO has been conducting quantitative surveys since 1975, throughout these years MRO has conducted numerous quantitative projects including nationally representative surveys, purposive sampling surveys, regional sample surveys and quota sample surveys using its own team of interviewers and supervisors.

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Qualitative Research

MRO has conducted numerous focus groups, mini groups, in-depth interviews and observational studies throughout its years. MRO’s senior members are well trained in Psychology or Sociology.


Over our forty-five years of continuous market research experience in the region
MRO has worked for a considerable range of important clients.

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